Asian and Pacific Rim Research Integrity (APRI)
Network Meeting 2017


The Planning Committee of APRI Network Meeting 2017 invites submission of abstracts for Oral Presentation at the Meeting.

Abstract Categories are:

  • Detecting Research Misconduct and Handling Allegations
  • Research Culture
  • Research Integrity Promotion and Education
  • Research Misconduct and Questionable Research Practices
  • Other

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  1. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  2. Abstract title must be in Title Case, e.g. Asian and Pacific Rim Research Integrity (APRI) Network Meeting 2017. The title should be brief and descriptive.
  3. Word limit is 400 words including Abstract Title and Main Text. The abstract content should include Objectives, Method, Results and Conclusions.
  4. Names of author and co-author and organizations should be included clearly. Please include last name and initials of author(s) and DO NOT include degrees or professional titles (Dr, PhD, Prof, MD, etc.).
  5. Deadline for abstract submission is December 20, 2016.
  6. The presenting authors will be notified by a letter of acceptance starting from December 28, 2016 if the abstract is accepted by the Planning Committee. Author of the accepted abstract must register as a paying participant to attend the Meeting.